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We are the Churchville Lightning! updated 4/22/2018

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Lightning in the Community

Please click here to visit our photo album, where you will find a selection of photographs of public Lightning functions.

College Recruiters!

Our program has won 4 State Championships and finished in the top 5 in 4 national events over the past five years. Our players are ready to bring their winning attitude to your program.

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Lightning Championships by Season
2018 Hairbows & Homeruns Quakertown -- 14U
  Spring Slam -- 12U
2017 Lancaster Showcase -- 16U
  Fall Brawl 12U
  Mid-Summer Challenge -- 16U & 18U
  RockFastpitch Young Guns Invitational -- 14U
  Be The Best Showcase -- 18U
  USSSA MD State Championships -- Class A -- 14U, 16U & 18U Class B --12U
  Charm City Challenge -- 12U
  USSSA Queen of Diamonds -- 14U & 16U
  USSSA Wins for Warriors -- 16 & 18U
  Black Eyed Susan Invitational -- 16U
  USSSA May Madness -- 16U
  Northern Ice Breaker -- 14U
2016 WFC Monster's Bash -- 16/18U
  Save Second Base -- 12U
  Lancaster Showcase -- 16/18U
  WFC Fall Kick-off Classic - 16/18U
  WFC World Series Championship -- 14U
  USSSA World Series Championship -- 16U
  Howard County Summer Sizzler -- 14U
  USSSA Mid Summer Classic - 14U
  USSSA PA Stars & Stripes -- 14U
  Blue Gray Summer Shootout -- 18U
  USSSA MD State Championships -- 16U
  WFC Scholarship Invitational -- 14U
  Eastern Shore 18U B Invitational -- 14U
  Queen of Diamonds -- 16U
  PA Memorial Day Shootout -- 16U
  VA Memorial Day Madness -- 14U
  Crabtown Crackdown -- 16U
  Diamonds R 4 Ever -- 12U
  Blizzard Blast -- 16U
2015 Glow in the Park Invitational -- 14U
  Okoberfast MD Invitational -- 14U & 18U
  Pretty In Pink Softball Nation Invitational -- 12U
  DE Cobra Invitational -- 14U
  WFC World Series Championships -- 14U & 16U
  USSSA Fun In The Sun Invitational -- 12U
  USSSA MD State Champions -- 14U, 16U & 18U
  Queen of Diamonds -- 16U
  USSSA Summer Kick-off -- 14U
  Lancaster Showcase -- 16U
  Crabtown Crackdown -- 12U & 14U
  Rock & Rumble NIT -- 16U
  Charm City Challenge -- 16U
  Frederick Invitational -- 16U
  Heat At The Beach III -- 14U
  USSSA MD Momma Drama Invitational - 12U
  USSSA May Madness -- 12U
  USSSA Worth Spring Slam - 12U
  USSSA Early Bird Invitational -- 12U
2014 Oktoberfast MD Invitational -- 16U
  Red Raider SoftballFEST -- 12U
  Free State Fall Open -- 14U
  Freeman Memorial Queen of Diamonds -- 18U
  Eastern Shore Invitational -- 12U
  Crabtown Crackdown -- 14U
  USSSA PA Line Drive Invitational -- 14U
  WHC Fever ASA Challenge -- 12U
  Memorial Day Shootout NIT -- 16U & 18U
  USSSA PA May Madness -- 16U
  USSSA MD Momma Drama Invitational -- 12U
  May Madness -- 12U
  USSSA PA May Magic -- 14U
  Worth Spring Slam -- 14U
2013 Fall Brawl -- 14U
  Fall Free State Open -- 14U
  USSSA Maryland State Championship -- 14U
  NJ June Hustle Invitational -- 14U
  Crabtown Crackdown -- 14U
  PA Memorial Day Shootout -- 14U & 18U
  USSSA MD May Madness -- 12U & 14U
  USSSA NJ Spring-Tacular -- 12U
  PA Spring Storm -- 12U
2012 Save Second Base -- Breast Cancer Awareness -- 12U
  Firecracker Invitational -- 16U
  USSSA MD State Champions -- Class A -- 16U
  USSSA MD State Champions -- Class A -- 14U
  USSSA MD State Champions -- Class B -- 12U
  ASA Class A Maryland State Champions -- 14U
  PA Memorial Day Invitational --18U
  PA May Madness -- 16U
  Black Eyed Susan -- 12U & 14U
  Worth Spring Slam -- 12U
  PA Spring Storm -- 12U
  March Indoor Madness -- 16U
2011 NSA Season Finale -- 14/16U
  USSSA Class C World Series Champions -- 10U
  USSSA Maryland Class C Champions -- 10U
  USSSA Maryland State Champions -- 16U
  USSSA Memorial Day Shootout -- 18U
  USSSA Early Bird Invitational -- 10U
  USSSA Super "C"eries III -- 10U
  MD Stars Spring Sparkler -- 16U
  USSSA May Day Melee -- 14U
  18U Hearts of Fire Midnight Madness -- 16U
2010 UMBC College Showcase -- 16U
  Halloween Havoc 12U
  Field of Screams -- 14U
  Bengies Chase Invitational -- 10U
  AFA National Champions -- 18U
  Forest Hill Frenzy -- 10U
  USSSA Firecracker Invitational - 18U
  Blue - Gray Summer Shootout - 14U
  USSSA Maryland State "C" Champions -- 10U
  USSSA Maryland State Champions -- 14U
  Pony Keystone Cup - 14U
  USSSA Delmarva Junebug Invitational -- 16U & 18U
  USSSA Memorial Day Shootout -- 16U & 18U
  USSSA Quakertown Invitational -- 18U
  USSSSA Stars Spring Sparkler -- 16U
  USSSA May Madness - 14U
  PA May Dance -- 16U
  Smryna Invitational -- 12U
  USSSA Worth Spring Slam -- 14U
  USSSA Midnight Madness -- 18U
2009 USSSA World Series Champions -- 18U
  NSA Fall Finale (RS) -- 14U & 16U
  UMBC College Showcase -- 16U
  Back to School Blast -- 12U
  USSSA Dover World Series Warm-up -- 12U
  USSSA Firecracker -- 18U
  Delmarva June Bug Classic -- 18U
  Charm City Classic -- 14U & 18U
  Heat At The Beach -- 16U
  MD May Madness -- 14U
  Worth Spring Slam -- 12U
  PA Spring Dazzle -- 14U
2008 NSA Fall Finale 12U & 14U
  Delmarva Fall Qualifier 12U
  Vipers Wilkes Barre Invitational 14U
  PA Softball Blitz 18U
  PA Memorial Day Classic 14U
  Heat At the Beach 16U
  PA Blaze May Madness 16U
  Westminster Challenge 12U
2007 USSSA Firecracker Invitational 16U
  USSSA Rock & Rumble 14U White
  USSSA June Bug Classic 16U
  Memorial Weekend Softball Frenzy 12U
  PA May Challenge 14U White & 18U
  Westminister Challenge 14U White
  WARC Winter Thaw Qualifier 12U
  USSSA Early Bird 14U Blue
2006 NSA Oktoberfest - Carroll County 12U
  USSSA World Series Warm Up 16U
  USSSA MD State Champions 14U
  ASA State Champions Class A 16U
  Ocean City USSSA Beach Blast 16U
  Bad to the Bone - Wilmington, DE 14U & 16U
  NSA's Charm City Challenge 12U
  PA May Challenge NSA World Series Qualifier 12U & 14U
  NSA May Madness 16U
2005 NSA DC Classic 12U
  USSSA Carroll County Open - Firecracker 16U
  NSA MD State Champions 16U
  ASA Class B MD State Champions 12U
  USSSA MD State Champions 16U
  USSSA ESPN Classic 14U
  ASA Maryland State Champions Class A 16U
  USSSA Stars & Stripes 14U
  USSSA Western Maryland Open 16U
  USSSA Riviera Beach Invitational 14U
  NSA Spring Fling 14U
  USSSA Carroll County Early Bird 14U
2004 NJ AFA National Qualifier Nightmare Octoberfest 16U
  NSA State Champions 14U
  USSSA State Champions 16U
  USSSA State Champions 14U
  USSSA Civil War Challenge Championship 16U
  USSSA Ocean City Blast at the Beach Champions 12U & 14U
  NSA Charm City Classic 14U
  USSSA ESPN Classic Champions 12U & 14U
  USSSA Churchville Invitational Champions 12U
2003 NSA Season Finale Champions 14U
  14U DC Classic Champions -- 3 years in a row!
  ASA Class B State Champions 12U and 14U
  ASA Harford Open Champions 12U and 14U
  Fairland Frenzy Champions 14U
2002 Sara Green Memorial Championship 12U
  DC Classic Champions 14U
  Upper Chesapeake Champions 12U & 14U
  AA County/Worth Sports Open Champions 14U
2001 DC Classic Champions 12U
  NSA Summer Finale Champions 12U
  Harford County Fall League Champions 12U